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Best electric heater guide at Argos. Frost protection - An electric heater with frost protection emits low-level heat when the temperature drops below a. Traditional space heaters use between 1,, watts. Cozy low-wattage heaters only use between 50 to watts! As the cost of heating oil, natural gas. In that case a high setting uses the same power (watts) as a low setting. But it runs longer. So it uses more energy (watt-hours).

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Available in retro green or white, the space heater has a pivoting head (47 degrees), a low or high setting ( or watts), plus an adjustable. Heating your home with electric space heaters can easily double or triple your space heaters use on average 1, Watts of electricity and cost about. When used correctly, a lower-wattage heater may be more efficient than a high-wattage heater. For example, low-wattage halogen heaters are good for heating a.

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Brentwood W 2 in 1 Heater White (M) · Vie Air W Portable 2 Setting Fan Heater White (VAB) · Honeywell HeatBud Watt Personal Ceramic Heater. Space Heaters · Whole Room Heat Circulation · All-Metal Construction · / Watt Heat Settings · Mechanical Thermostat · Tip-over Protection with 2-Stage Auto. Low Wattage: The mini heater runs on watt low wattage, more energy-saving and cost-effective than those high power-consuming space heaters.