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Present and annotate: Vibe smart board supports up to 4 users to screencast simultaneously via Airplay and Eshare, or by connecting in via HDMI. With your. SMART Board® interactive whiteboard. Model X/SMP. Physical specifications. Size. 78 1/2" W × 53 3/8" H × 6 1/2" D. ( cm × cm × cm). IQBoard is a global leader of interactive displays solutions for education and business, including smart board, touch screen, interactive flat panel.

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Widest Range of Interactive Whiteboard in Nigeria. 1 Pack Of 3 Pens For Smartboard Marker Digital Whiteboard Stylus Felt Touch Pen Electronic. Shop smart board for presentation purposes and create more engaging experiences with products These smart board can be used with flip pads too. SMART Technologies Is The Leader In Educational Technology Solutions * Inventor Of The SMART Board Interactive Display * Collaboration & Classroom Software.

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Both SMARTboards and interactive whiteboards offer a break from the traditional chalkboards or dry-erase boards found in classrooms. While teachers can use them. OwayBoard Portable Interactive Whiteboard Smart Mini Usb Board for Interactive Educate within Online Remote Education. US $ 1 sold. Free Shipping. Looking for the Best Interactive Whiteboard Online in Australia? like a regular whiteboard, with the added features of an interactive and smart display.